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News Archive For Year 2003

maserver bugfixes
Fixed bug in maserver multicast rtp output code. Fixed wrong version name at maserver download page.

Spider's Cave 1.1 Released
Few new functions was added, some bugs was fixed.

Biker's Log 1.6 Released
Changes: improved Windows packaging, changable look and feel, integrated Kunststoff look'n'feel, added ability of save and load reports.

ReportWay Snapshot
New snapshot of ReportWay report generator available for download. Changes: DataSet interface slightly changed, exceptions clean up, report viewer I18N, first code of report designer have been written.

There was an accident on road during my bicycle trip - I was brought down with the car. Now I am in hospital and consequently in the near future release of new programs and updates will be suspended. I am sorry for possible inconveniences.

Biker's Log 1.5 rated by
Biker's log received 985 points out of 1000. Thanks a lot to judges and all users!

Biker's Log 1.5 released
Fixed some usability issues, added support for miles, new daily rides report, bugfixes.

Initial release of Biker's Log
Biker's Log is software for cycling enthusiasts. It stores information about rides for future analysis. Please, test it and send me bug reports and feature requests.

New ReportWay snapshot available
New snapshot of ReportWay report generator available for download. Now it uses JAXP for XML parsing.

ReportWay available for download
Current snapshot of ReportWay report generator for Java available for download under GPL license.

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