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News Archive For Year 2004

X-Plane Landing Speed Plugin Released
X-Plane Landing Speed Plugin was released. It displays vertical speed at the moment of touch down.

Einstein 1.0 released
Einstein 1.0 was released. Einstein is small logic game inspired by Einstein puzzle.

SportTool 3.0 released
SportTool 3.0 (formerly Biker's Log) released. Running, swimming and skiing support was added. Options dialog was redesigned. Simple height profile editor was added to routes dialogs. Burned calories calculator was added to cycling dialog.

SportTool Screenshots
Screenshots from development version of SportTool was added to SportTool page.

SportTool 2.0.1
SportTool 2.0.1 (formerly Biker's Log) released. Look and Feel selection bug was fixed, Kuststoff Look And Feel was disabled under MacOS X, double click lists items editing was added.

SportTool 2.0
SportTool 2.0 (formerly Biker's Log) released. New features: name changed, GUI rewritten, rowing support added, trainers support added, better Windows installer.

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