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Open Source Projects

Till now, I wrote many computer programs. Most of them are propitiatory software, but there are some free applications. Most of them lack of good documentation, because I has no time to write it. It's not good, but I working on getting documentation better.

For now, I placed three applications for download:

  • SportTool - software for athletes. It helps keep log of trainings for future analysis. Supported sports are: cycling, rowing/canoeing/kayaking, running, skiing and swimming.
  • Einstein - simple logical puzzle for Linux and Window.
  • X-Plane Landing Speed - X-Plane plugin displays landing vertical speed.
  • Multicast Audio Server - streaming audio server for both LAN and Internet
  • dbgen - simple database generator for various SQL-servers.
  • Spider's Cave - website generator. Allow users create and maintain multilingual sites with minimal requirements on hosting.
  • ReportWay - report generator for Java applets and applications.

All software published under the terms of GNU General Public License. If you wish another license, better support, additional features or better documentation, contact me by e-mail.

Copyright (c) 2002-2004 Alexander Babichev.