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Multicast Audio Server is auidio streaming server for LAN and internet. On LAN one can use multicast capabilities to make traffic lower. Milticast mode compatible with freeamp player. Traditional HTTP mode is also supported and tested with Winamp media player.

maserver features flexible modular arhitecture and advanced playlist processing. One can write playlist handlers with LUA scripting language.

maserver works under Windows 2000/XP, Linux/x86, FreeBSD/x86 and SPARC/Solaris. Everything else is untested but should works with minimal (if any) corrections.


You can download maserver 0.8.1 sources form [http] or [ftp] server. You need GNU make tool and C++ to build it. This preview release doesn't support media decoding, encoding and mixing. Everything else should works. Version 1.0 will come with user friendly installer on Windows platforms.

Copyright (c) 2002-2005 Alexander Babichev.