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Spider's Cave

Spider's Cave is site generator. It takes set of scripts, templates, content on different languages and generates sets of html files. After that you only need to upload produced files to your hosting provider.

If you need an example look at this site, it produced by Spider's Cave. Another example is 3D Station corporate site.

Basic idea was born when I made first version of 3D Station. I dislike idea of copying the same elements on every page, but can't use SSI or such because they was not supported by hosting provider - only plain old html's were supported. Quickly I wrote some mixture of awk, sed, cpp and others to produce complete site with single make command.

I liked this idea very much, and some time later Spider's Cave was born - tool for generation international sites that allow user to separate content and design. Spider's Cave supports templates, simple scripting language and plugins system which allow user to make something more complicated then simple homepage. For example, there is plugin for generation news blocks from simple XML file.

Usage of plain html and static data only makes hosting extremally cheap. If you like to setup you own server, even old 386 computer should be fast enough for such website.


You can download Spider's Cave 1.1 sources [http] [ftp] or binaries [http]. [ftp] You need Java Runtime Environment version 1.4 or better in order to run it. Here [http] [ftp] you can download source code of this site.

Copyright (c) 2002-2005 Alexander Babichev.